Application is open for board positions

Now you have the opportunity to apply for a position in the next board (fall semester 2014) of FENA Lund! We have the following positions open:

The president of FENA Lund is in charge of steering the organization in the right direction and tackling new challenges. You will be the link between FENA and our partners and will represent the organization in a dignified way. This is a free position with much responsibility, but also great potential to influence the organization and its members’ development. During your mandate, you will get a large contact network that provides interesting exchanges.

You are responsible:
– to keep a dialogue with FENA Lund’s partners and ensure a good contact with them
– to motivate and inspire the members of FENA Lund and support them
– to take decisions that affect the future of the organization
– to set up vision and clear goals for the organizations

We are looking for a person:
– with much drive, ideas and good social skills
– who has a great experience in leadership and team work
– is a good listener

Vice President
You will work in close collaboration with the president and help him/her to make decisions on common issues. In case of the president is unable to fulfil his/her obligations, it is your responsibility to manage and develop the organization. This is a roll that requires a good initiative ability but it is also a good way to expand your professional network.

You are responsible:
– to ensure that the organization operates in a good manner if the president is unable to fulfil his/her obligations
– to ensure that our cooperations are maintained and further developed
– to solve unexpected issues that arise in the operations of FENA Lund

We are looking for a person:
– who is self-motivated and getting things done
– who is able to prioritize
– is good at motivating the members of FENA Lund and making new contacts
– who can examine and challenge to develop the organization

As a treasurer you are responsible for the finances of FENA Lund. The position means some flexibility. You will also assist in the engagement and events organized by FENA Lund.

You are responsible:
– to ensure the finances of FENA Lund
– for budgeting of different projects and events so that they go together financially
– to establish new contacts with sponsors

We are looking for a person:
– who used to work with numbers
– is analytically inclined and meticulous at work
– is fearless of new challenges

Head of Communications
As Head of Communications, you are responsible for marketing and external communications. It is your responsibility to share our upcoming events with the outside world and get visitors to these arrangements.

You are responsible for:
– expanding the visibility of FENA Lund in various marketing channels, e.g. social media, website etc.
– ensure that FENA Lund is visible in entrepreneurial contexts
– inspire and find new members who are willing to join FENA Lund

We are looking for a person:
– who has a strong interest in marketing and communications
– is good at expressing himself/herself in writing and verbally
– can manage multiple tasks at the same time

If you are interested in any of these positions, send an email to We are going to elect the new board on 10th of May.

Published on: Apr 8, 2014
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