FENA is an association-network with local branches in multiple cities in Sweden. The goal with the association is to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in our members by supporting them through the entire journey — from excessive persons to successful entrepreneurs. Our programs, events and network creates the best conditions for young entrepreneurs to grow.

The active members of FENA Lund are the ones who push the association forward, create new projects and perform the work to help you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Organizational Structure

Everyone is welcome to become a member of FENA Lund. Our membership is completely free and makes you eligible to attend at our public events. If you actively participant in our projects, you will receive further benefits, get access to our professional network and also attend at special designed workshops and programs.

Annual General Meeting
The annual general meeting is our heights governing body. All of our members are eligible to attend at such meetings and has the chance to influence the future of the association. Such meetings take usually place twice a year.

The board
The board is the highest operating body in the association. It is the board’s responsibility to make sure that everything goes well within the organization and is also responsible for the daily operations. The board exists of five members with specific areas of responsibilities.

Advisory Board
The advisory board is a supporting body for the board. The advisory board exists of earlier presidents of FENA Lund, representants from Lund University, the innovation-system in Skåne and the business world.

Our project leaders and project members are one of the most important parts of FENA Lund. They arrange events, parties, trips and other activities. The list goes on and on. Here’s where you usually start your career within the association, by participating in different projects until you find the one that suits you and your individual interests best.