Connection board is a digital pin board to:
-Share ideas and contacts
-Find people to collaborate with
-Support the development and realization of ideas and concepts

FENA Lund wants to motivate more individuals, organizations and companies to connect with each other, as we believe the interaction between people is what drives creativity and innovation.
The aim is to make it easy to write about an idea, and find people to co-develop it on the go. Connection Board is available on the major technical platforms to enable more people to get started with sharing their ideas and finding exciting projects.
We want to motivate people to collaborate more and broaden their network, to enable more people to gain more practical experience within and outside their field of study.

Connection board is meant for:
-Individuals looking for or are developing a project/idea
-Organisations that are developing projects/ideas
-Motivated individuals to find internships, trainee programs, graduate programs and employment positions specifically directed towards new- and recent graduated students.

Today there are few sites in Sweden that are dedicated to finding motivated individuals to co-develop projects or to find people or projects to engage in.
The connection board will provide a hub to connect students and projects, in conjunction with FENA’s support, to both inspire and engage projects and students.

FENA has created a platform that is available on all major platforms (Ios, Android, Windows phone) to connect people and organizations that have different objectives to develop and implement solutions together. The functionality will be the same regardless of whether it is a phone or pad, they will have access to the same information and same full functionality across all platforms to maximize its accessibility and availability.


Contact persons

Hanway Tran