Innovation Bazaar

Innovation Bazaar is about creating unexpected, cross-border meetings. This is where companies from all industries, of all different sizes come together to find new contexts for business collaboration, investment, and not least to learn from each other!

At The Innovation Bazaar you are not just an exhibitor or visitor, you are both. As a participant you get the possibility to promote your exciting ideas and projects, and perhaps find the partner or investor required to go from concept to reality, while at the same time being inspired by others’. Here you have the chance to touch base with tomorrow’s business ventures and seek new opportunities for your organization. You may be a part of taking them to the next level. Participants at the Innovation Bazaar hold an executive position which creates an environment where real decisions can be made and concrete progress can be realized.

During one evening the Innovation Bazaar provides ground for all participants to be involved in creating new opportunities and shape the future!

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