Learn 2 Talk

FENA Learn to talk (L2T)


The aim of FENA Learn to talk (L2T) is to encourage people to improve their presentation skills by practicing under the guidance of other experienced students. For the autumn 2015 sessions we expect to have 3 sessions with the assistance of an e-learning platform in between sessions.

Before the Learn to talk sessions start, we will do a preview meeting with each admitted person.The preview meeting will serve to check the language abilities of every participants so we can make sure that all participants are roughly on the same level. We also expect participants to speak out their need and their expectations, which will help us to tailor the course to suit your very desire.

Following the initial meeting, we will practice how to structure an effective presentation during the 3 sessions, focusing on three aspects:
1) General things about presentation
2) presentation delivery
3) using visual aids

The final review is for us to check the progress that has been made during the course, as well as reviewing the course structure and content so that we, as the organizers, can improve the next session of the course.

During the project, we would like to create mutual trust within the group so no one is left aside or left behind. It is very important for everyone to feel safe and willing to cooperate within the group. A friendly surrounding helps you to let down barriers and walk out from your locked-up comfort zone. To create such a comfortable atmosphere, we expect you to open up and follow the course instructor.

The project is not a language practice platform but a way to enhance presentation skills. If deemed necessary by the instructor and the participants, we will invite additional instructors, experienced in the art of public speaking, for certain sessions if possible.

FENA L2T is free of charge. The project is run by student volunteers well versed in the art of presentation. Their effort and time has to be respected, thus we do expect commitment to attending all sessions. Our teaching concept is stretched over the given period of time and missing out on a specific session means missing out on practice.

Your suggestions and feedbacks during the project will be very helpful for us to further perfect it.

To apply send us an e-mail together with a short description about yourself, why you are applying and what you would like to learn and improve.

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